Dr. Binh Nguyen



Meet Dr. Binh Nguyen

Dr. Binh Nguyen of Cedar Chiropractic and Sports in Hopkinton, MA has been practicing Chiropractic for over 13 years. He is committed to providing his patients with outstanding chiropractic care. He fully believes in the efficacy of integrative care, knows and understands that chiropractic care, the maintenance of the spine and its alignment to the rest of the body, is vital to achieving overall health. In addition, Dr. Nguyen is well versed at providing treatment for physical rehabilitation and pain management. He sees patients of all ages, ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds and has a particular interest in sports medicine. He also has expertise in pain management, wellness and preventative ergonomics. He has incorporated the cutting-edge Pressure Wave technology into his practice utilizing it successfully treat a wide variety of conditions. Learn more.

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